Obligatory first post

What is this blog about? I’m not even sure. And that probably sounds like an awful cliche. And mentioning that it’s a cliche is probably a cliche. And on and on through a never-ending downward spiral of meta-cliches.

It’s essentially an outlet for all the random shite that goes on in my brain. But stuff that doesn’t seem fit to just sit in my private journal—opinions and observations that feel like they should be out there in the wild, running free through internetland unencumbered by all the things that weigh me down in the real world. Politics, society, philosophical musings, all the general stuff that keeps me up at night.

It’s pseudonymous. Not because I want to hide, but because I just want to have my real life and my online life separate. I don’t quite know who I am or what I want to be, but I do know that who I am in real life doesn’t quite comport with who I feel like I am. And I don’t quite know how to shift that. So I’ll be the person I want to be here, and maybe the real-world me will catch up.

It’s a place to explore my outlook on life, the universe, and everything. The title reflects my typically upbeat attitude toward enduring the horror of existence. If Sisyphus really is happy, it’s because it’s the only thing he can do in the face of his profound insignificance. If nothing you do matters, you might as well smile about it. And soldiering on in cheerful despair is, it would seem, all we can ever do.

And now that I have justified the existence of this blog, let’s get on with the show. I’ll set myself a goal of posting every couple of days and see how we go. Here’s a random picture of a cute fox. Because why not?


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